Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year! (Featured blogger recipes and plans for 2015!)

Christmas spread - links to some of of the recipes below!

Late I know, but better than never, right?

Been busy (aren't we all at this time of year?) As usual, Christmas was a teensy quiet untraditional affair, just the three of us. My mum and I did the cooking whilst my sister cleared the living room of the present carnage. I used the opportunity to test out some blogger recipes.

My main dish in the middle was closely inspired by Emma's stuffed peppers recipe - I used all quinoa because my sister can't stand lentils, and I also cooked the quinoa in vegetable broth and generally mucked about with it - its a really versatile, useful recipe. The peppers themselves actually taste really good too, which isn't always the case with stuffed pepper recipes.

I also provided a side, Natalie's brilliant vegan "pigs in blankets," just to the left of the stuffed peppers in the above picture. I have to admit, I was initially dubious about the success of this recipe because my Christmas Eve mixture was SO wet it was unshapeable (I must have weighed something wrong...) and I had to add a mountain more flour before it was possible to form a rollable, tinfoil-twistable lump. Thankfully I didn't spend forever doing this, since my sister was helping me, and we steamed the lot so they were ready to go straight into the oven the next day. We ended up with basically hundreds, and continued enjoying them for days afterwards. The recipe is quite an involved process but doing it over two days like this speeds things up - and the end result is well worth the effort!

Oh yes, and I did dessert, which was mainly made for Nikita, a giant version of Dana's mini key lime pies. When I did the exact same thing with their cheesecake recipe earlier last year, it went down so well that Nikita insisted I do basically exactly the same thing for Christmas. No complaints here <3

New Years Eve was the usual drunken house party banter. Mercifully somebody took the Wii controller from me ten minutes before the bells so I couldn't spend the entire night being an antisocial nerd...

Looking back on it, 2014 has definitely been a year of massive change - for a start, marking the end of my first complete year as a vegan (I feel like I've been one forever!) Not to mention the starting up of both my blogs. This year, along with keeping these going, I'm planning to use my YouTube channel more, so its more of a vlog-type thing. That'll also make it easier to tie my various interests together without the concern of getting off-topic! I need to make the blogs look better, both with regards to photography and layout... something I've avoided thus far, but it really needs doing.

As it's my final year of uni, I'm suffering from last-minute-omg-need-to-make-this-year-count syndrome. And I have my big final dissertation to do. And as I'm studying music, that means (finally) releasing an EP. I'm doing it DIY, which is both very challenging and exciting.

On a closely related note:

I'm going to be playing at Brighton VegFest! Not on the website just yet, but its confirmed. On the Saturday at 5:00 pm. If you're in the UK, come down and say hi!

Oh yes. I also made my very first New Year's resolution, which goes by the inspiring name of Take Shorter Showers. Sadly I've already broken it.

Hope you've all had a wonderful festive season! More recipes as of next week ^^


  1. Yay I'm so happy to hear you made them. The mix is a bit gooey but strange yours turned out so watery - I hope you enjoyed the final result anyway :) happy 2015 x

    1. They were delicious, thank you for the recipe. I might just have to make another giant batch and freeze the lot - they seem like they'd be really good for pulling out in times of need! Have a great new year!

  2. I love your comment about feeling like being a vegan forever - it's almost like being a carnivore is part of some hazy past :p What other blog is this?? I haven't gotten any of your updates, despite subscribing, so I've signed up on FB! Also, I agree about the vlog thing - I figure it's a cool way to interact with people in a unique way - can't wait to see your stuff!

    1. Oh yeah, I mean I've been vegetarian since I was 11 or 12 I think, but veganism is actually a lot newer for me than it feels!

      Aw, thanks, the facebook page was feeling a tad unloved. I've no idea why the subscribing thing isn't working though, gah! I'll have to look into that... Technical faff, fun timesD:

      My other blog is arty farty. Its not directly connected to food, so far I haven't talked about it much on here. This is it if you want to see the other nonsense I get up to - I'm planning on getting another video up this weekend if I can be diligent enough. :P