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I'm Shonalika. This is me here:

Whenever I get the time in between songs and scribblings, cooking is my favourite way to relax. This food blog is a fairly recent venture for me, combining cooking with my other strongest interest: writing! (It comes, of course, with the added essential skill of photography, which I'm still grappling with.) Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest for food-related updates. For music and ranting and raving, head over to my other blog.

Originally this venture was centred primarily around - surprise surprise - pulses (also known as legumes). This family includes a huge variety of beans, chickpeas and lentils. They form part of the staple diet for millions of people of differing countries and cuisines. Highly nutritious and a great source of protein, they can be bought cheaply in bulk from ethnic stores, or in cans for convenient and instant use.

Much like grains, which are used for a myriad of purposes, pulses are almost equally flexible. Chickpeas, for example, can be roasted as a snack, cooked and eaten as a savoury meal, whizzed into hummus, or ground into flour to be used for both savoury and sweet baking purposes. The wide range of legumes available allows for endless experimentation and creative culinary possibilities. Yet despite their versatility, they all too often tend to be lumped into the "boring vegetable," category and treated as such, or worse, to stir immediately unpleasant associations (...watery lentil soup, anyone?)

After tinkering around with a whole bunch of ridiculous and delicious pulse-related recipes I eventually had to cut back because - wait for it - I was eating too much protein. No, seriously. Don't ever let anyone tell you that a vegan diet is automatically lacking in this particular element!

I do still love pulses, and you'll see a lot of them on this blog, sometimes where they're not quite expected, alongside anything and everything else I come with. Mostly wholesome, delicious, and sometimes slightly strange vegan food. 

Can't trust this face.



  1. Hey Shonalika! Thank you for stopping by at my blog. You've done a good start with the food blog. I love your Vegan Mango Lassi recipe. Will be sure to try that and more :)