Thursday, 7 May 2015

Review: Nakd Nibbles

Today the Pulse reviews Nakd's latest concoction. Teensy tiny mouse-sized pieces, in no less than SIX new flavours.

As a big nakd bar fan you can imagine I was quite inclined to eat all of them at once, but I managed to restrain myself and make them span out a couple of weeks.

Since I am a fan of nakd bars and raw desserts in general, my opinion is perhaps not relevant to everybody. So I also shared some of each packet with a non-vegan two-sugars-in-my-tea human named Dan, to get a more balanced opinion. Both our ratings appear under the name of each item.

No freebies for me here, just doin' it for the laaaav. Enjoy!


The nibbles aren’t at all sticky, which was my one main reservation about the idea of “bitty,” nakd bars. I often like to snack on one while I’m doing work at the computer and the nice sanitary nature of a wrapped bar is convenient for that - happily, with these you can just shake bites out into your palm and chomp/type/whatever else it is you’re doing at the same time, as I’m doing right now.

They’re as filling as the regular nakd bars, which isn’t really surprising considering they’re basically the same thing, but for some reason I was expecting them to be less substantial. If anything, it feels like you get more per packet than you do per bar, a possible mental trick caused by eating "lots," of things instead of one. 

Onto the individual flavours!

Coconut Bliss: 
Distinct dried coconutty texture with clear flavours of chocolate and coconut - definitely one for lovers of the combination! Almost marshmallowy, and sweet enough for someone who isn’t as into nakd bars as I am. Finished the packet feeling satisfied and with a big smile on my face despite not being a fan of coconut in sweets. Yum.
Me - 4.5/5
Dan - 4/5

Fruit Salad:
REALLY a lot like eating sweets - something like Chewits, or even closer, those white powdery stick things in packs with cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry on them, does anyone know what they're called? Those things that you'd stick in your mouth as a kid and pretend you were smoking a cigarette to freak out adults?! Literally identical to those in taste but marshmallowy in texture. Possibly the most confusing raw snack I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know how they’ve accomplished this!?! Have to say, I’m not a “sweetie” fan any more and therefore didn’t like these - the flavour was absolutely convincing, and the texture, by extension, made the whole thing a bit jarring and offputting. I would have expected these to appeal to someone who does like sweets, but interestingly Dan wasn’t a fan either, stating that they had a “funny aftertaste”. Our least favourite of the lot, we couldn’t finish this pack:S
Me - 2/5
Dan - 1/5

Salted Caramel: 
These at least look more like the nakd bars I know and love. Flavour-wise they’re perhaps just a tad lacking - I would have preferred "Salted Caramel" to taste more decadent. I think these could have done with a higher cashew and salt content for more “chew,” and flavour. Nitpicking though, these are very enjoyable, especially if you eat like 4 at a time!
Me - 4/5 
Dan - 3/5

Strawberries and Cream: 
Taste like exactly what they say on the packet. These are not too sweet, but very “creamy,” tasting, quite mild in comparison to the other flavours, perfectly nice. 
Me - 3/5
Dan - 4/5

Tooty Fruity: 
Approached with slight trepidation, expecting it to be really weird like the Fruit Salad. Happily, it’s much nicer - simply fruity rather than “candy,” like. These are really quite nice, in my opinion. Dan pulled a face and said he didn’t like it - but then wanted another one…? 
Me: 3/5
Dan - 2.5/5

Toffee Treat: 
Delicious! To me they don’t taste that much like toffee, but they have a chewier “nakd,” consistency that makes them more satisfying, and they’re perfectly sweet. Dan was able to taste the toffee, though to me they have a certain depth of flavour that makes them more like a toffee liqueur. Again, big mouthfuls is the way forward. 
Me - 4/5
Dan - 3/5

Mint Humbug: 
Left these till last as I was expecting NOT to like these. Natural mint flavouring is hard to get exactly right. However, they're delicious. Sharp and minty with just the right balance between added and intrinsic flavour - couldn’t fault them. Dan rated them only at 3, but wanted more again, so make of that what you will... These also worked perfectly as “bits" - didn’t feel the need to eat a handful. 
Me - 5/5
Dan - 3/5


Nakd have definitely attempted some wacky flavours here that branch far out from what you'd expect of raw snacks, by the addition of weird and wonderful flavours to the basic fruit+cashew mix, and on that front they've on the whole done really very well. The whole nibble thing works too - I do think, though, that they'd benefit from turning the Toffee, Caramel and Coconut flavours into bars, as the the first two are most enjoyable when you have a big chunk of them to chew on. They're naturally pre-dispositioned to be available in bar form. As for the coconut, that works just fine as "nibbles," but is so good that they ought to make a bar out of it too just for the bants.

Have you tried the new nibbles? What do you think of them?


  1. I've never seen this, will have to keep a lookout!

    1. Ah, they're a UK based company and currently only shipping to Europe, so that might be why! I believe Nakd are pretty much a direct equivalent to the Larabars in the US I've heard of though:)

  2. Oh wow! I've never seen those. I heard the brand name a few times but never had the chance to try them. They are from the UK? I guess I should ask them if they would send me a few to review! :D #lifeofafoodblogger

    1. You totally should, they're an awesome company:D